Corvina Rosso Veronese - Bixio

Varietal:  100% Corvina Estate Grown

Appellation:  Rosso Veronese IGT                                                Alcohol %: 13.5

Soil: The soil is of medium texture, tending to sandy.            Acidity:   gr / ltr

Altitude: 80 mtr A.S. L                                                                       Age of Vines: 10 yrs

Tasting Notes
Intense and deep ruby red. On the nose it shows red fruity with grassy and spicy notes. The palate is dry, warm and intense. Fruity with notes of cherry and plum, enveloping scent of spices.

Aging:  Refining of a part of the wine during 6 months in big cherry-barrels

Winemaking: Drying process following the traditional technique, fermentation in Oak barrels. R. Bottled with a natural sugar residual of 8-9 g/l.

Food Pairing: Recommended with roasted meat, grilled meat and game.


Tasting Notes