Amarone Classico Simison - Luciano Arduini

VarietalCorvina (60%), Corvinone (20%), Rondinella (10%) e Oseleta (10%)

Appellation:  Amarone DOCG                                         Alcohol %: 16

Residual Sugar: 8.50  gr / liter                             Acidity:  5.7 gr / ltr

ph: 3.55

Tasting Notes:
This wine’s ruby red color is as intense as its fruity notes, with clear fragrances of blackberry and cherry blending perfectly with the spicy aromas given by the oak. A complex yet extremely well-balanced flavor thanks to velvety tannins that create a remarkably persistent finish. “SIMISON” Amarone is made from a selection of the estate's historical grapevines, all with remarkable positioning and soil composition, creating unique organoleptic properties that make this the most interesting wine of the entire collection.

Aging:  After being drawn off, the wine is transferred into casks where it is left to mature for around 30 months, after which it undergoes further ageing in the bottle.

De-stalking and gentle pressing. Maceration lasting approx. 40 days during which time manual punching down and pumping over is carried out. Fermentation temperature: 20°C..

Food Pairing: Ideal to accompany game, spit-roasted meat, roasts and mature cheese.


2016  98 pts Vinous

Tasting Notes