Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene - Isabella Wines

Varietal: 100% Glera                                                            Soil: Marne and sandstones.                                    

Elevation: 300 – 420 m ASL                                            Pressure: 5.5 BAR                                                                               

Appellation: DOCG Valdobbiadene                               Production:

Alcohol %:  11                                                           Dry Extract: >16  gr / liter               

Residual Sugar: 9 gr / liter                                              Acidity:   6gr / liter                                                                                

Tasting Notes:  
Creamy and bright, this off-dry sparkler offers mature white peach, golden pear and candied lemon drop before an almond close. Vibrant acidity and a lively perlage accompany the rich flavors.

Vinification: Martinotti (or Charmat) method is a process in the production of sparkling wine or semi-sparkling wine in which the secondfermantion does not take place in the bottle but in a pressure tank. This is why it is also known as tank fermentation or bulk fermentation, in France as Cuve-close and in Spain as Granvás.

Food Pairing: Excellent with both meat and fish-based savory snacks. Ideal as an accompaniment for seafood and salmon sushi. A perfect aperitif wine.

Tasting Notes