Amarone Classico - Luciano Arduini

VarietalCorvina (60%), Corvinone (20%), Rondinella (15%), Molinara (5%)

Appellation:  Amarone DOCG                                         Alcohol %: 16

Residual Sugar: 6.20  gr / liter                             Acidity:  5.8 gr / ltr

ph: 3.55

Tasting Notes
A fertile land that's full of history and our family’s passion and hard work have created this legendary wine that is the symbol of this region: Amarone! Ruby red in color with an intense and elegant bouquet. A full-bodied and strong flavor that's warm, soft, velvety and long-lasting.

Aging:  After being drawn off, the wine is transferred into casks and then into large Slavonian oak barrels. After being left to mature for around 24 months, the wine then undergoes further ageing in the bottle.

Winemaking: De-stalking and gentle pressing. Maceration lasting approx. 45 days during which time manual punching down and pumping over is carried out. Fermentation temperature: 20°C.

Food Pairing: The perfect accompaniment to game, spit-roasted meat, roasts and mature cheese.



Tasting Notes