Cabernet Sauvignon - Sierra Blanca

Varietal:  100%  Cabernet Sauvignon



Practice: 100% natural and sustainable methods and green practices.                                                                                  

Dry Extract:  gr / liter 

Appellation:  Guadalupe Valley                                       Production:  cs

Alcohol %:  13.5                                                        ph: 

Residual Sugar: gr / liter                                                  Acidity:   gr / liter                       

Tasting Notes:  
It is a wine with structure and body but with soft tannins that come exclusively from its skin. With intense fruity notes of a young wine expressing the character of a mature wine

Vinification: At a constant temperature of 28º C; and at the third day of fermentation, the seeds, that are concentrated at the conical part of the tank, are eliminated.

Aging:  6 months in American oak barrels

Food Pairing :  With aperitifs; chips, soups, wildfowl, grilled steaks, grilled pork, grilled venison, soft cheeses and medium intensity cheeses.

Tasting Notes